Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Changing Hues of Hydrangea macrophylla

Hydrangeas are common in temperate climes but it can still be planted succesfully in the tropics if conditions are rendered suitable.  It is imperative to plant them  in partial shade or under filtered sunlight. Copious amount of water is needed to counter the onslaught of the harsh afternoon sun, otherwise they will wilt and look very sorry.
This bush of Hydrangea was about six months old before it started to bloom. It originated from a cutting taken from the Mother bush. Based on my own personal experience, Hydrangea cuttings take root easily with almost 100% success rate.

A common garden snail moved in the direction of this bloom. From my observation, snails don't fancy hydrangeas as tasty grubs. Actually it was merely seeking refuge under the leaves before the sun burns fiercely down.

The buds start off as green with the blue hue coming later as they blossom.

A few clusters can be found on the same branch.

This single inflorescence is terminal and is so large ...

 it drooped under its own weight.

A hint of pink start to appear on the blue blooms.

The colours gradually fade.

Hydrangeas can change colour according to the soil type. I took a cutting from a bush of blue hydrangeas and planted it on the other side of the garden. Months later, I was pleasantly surprised ...

 to find this pink hue on the first blooms.

Subsequent blooms remained pink ever since. I hope that it would not revert to its original blue colour as I have lots of the latter.

As the flowers matured, they took on a bluish tinge.

This touch of blue is quite prominent on this cluster which ...

faded as it aged.

This bloom is about three months old. It still look good so I am reluctant to deadhead it.

A tree frog was resting quietly on the stem, partially hidden from view.

I lifted up its cover to get a better image. It had no objection at all and allowed me to take as many pictures as I wished. It is a cute little thingy in spite of its slimy look.

Life is a travelling to the edge of knowledge, then a leap taken. 
- David Herbert Lawrence 

Some snippets of Hydrangea in a small vase brings a lovely touch of sky-blue indoors. I don't normally trim Hydrangeas as cut flowers since they last like forever in the bush.


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