Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Gardenia Augusta of My Perfumed Garden

Gardenia augusta is one of the fragrant shrubs that I have planted in my endeavour to establish a perfumed garden. The fragrance is intense but lovely. The petals are waxy while the leaves are leathery, shiny and bright green when young which turn darker as they age.

An early bloom of pristine white with streaks of chartreuse which disappear as the flower matures.

The whorls of petals are unfolding in ...

an uneven fashion.

They look prettiest to me on the third or fourth day with the inner whorl still folded up.

The full bloom in all its perfumed splendour.

"It is a golden maxim to cultivate the garden for the nose, and the eyes will take care of themselves" Robert Louis Stevenson

The bloom on the left has started to turn into a light cream colour which becomes darker as it gradually bite the dust over the next few days.

Petals are fully unfurled to release its intense fragrance. I always can't resist sniffing at it.

A flower bud demurely wrapped up.

An aesthetically challenged bug was on the prowl. Since I've no inkling of its business, I let it go for the time being. If sap-sucking is its occupation, then I would rise to the occasion of being the Exterminator, much as I dislike the role.

A solitary white scale insect found its niche on the stem. It was not on my invited guests list, so was unceremoniously ejected after the photo-shoot.

Gardenia and Lantana camara 'ham and eggs' in a sundae glass. This simple arrangement can last about three days before the Gardenia turns yellow while the tiny Lantana florets start to drop off the stalk.

Posted from Cork, Ireland (I'm on a one-month sojourn in Ireland for the whole month of October)


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