Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Nesting Spotted Dove

The Spotted Doves (Spilopelia chinensis) often nest in my garden. They are quite bold and are not too shy of human presence. 

I took a ladder and clambered to the top to take this photo. This one sat serenely atop its nest and simply ignored my intrusion. 

I was actually very close to it. The bird was merely inches away from my lens.

These were her two precious eggs - pristine white.

This is how the Spotted Dove accessed its nest, its tail a tell-tale sign of its domestic activities.

This is the Juniperus chinensis where the nest was lodged.

Bauhenia kockiana vine tends to be invasive. I kept it under control with constant pruning and shaping.

Nearby is this elegant casuarina tree is around twenty years old. Birds of all varieties love to perch on its branches.


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