Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Fragranced Rose & Another Without

I have only two types of rose bushes. One is structured but totally devoid of fragrance. Yet it is frequented by predator insects like this semi-transparent tiny spider.

After a shower, this itsy bitsy spider emerged from somewhere and started flexing its eight hairy limbs. The big drop of water at the centre of the flower seemed to be its watering hole.

The progression from young flower bud to full bloom over several days:



Here it is at full bloom and at its most beautiful.


The day after full bloom, the petals curled back further, everting them.

This itsy bitsy spider has the run of the rose. On this bloom, it seemed to be possessed of strong territorial traits .

Probably because of its tiny size, it constantly raised its limbs to appear bigger and more threatening.

A single rose can be my garden...a single friend, my world ~ Leo Buscaglia.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The other type of rose that I've planted is the old fashioned rose which I've known from my childhood days. Someone told me it is called the damask rose.

It is bluish-red with unstructured petal arrangement

and imbued with the most glorious rose scent.

Sometimes when there are numerous blooms on the bush, I would plucked some and freezed them for rose-flavoured ice-cubes.

A single rose and Tristellateia australasiae (Maiden's jealousy) in a coloured glass bowl as centrepiece for the dining table.

These are old silver modesty plates from Sulawesi used by little girls. This were tied from the waist to hide the sex, both to protect the modesty of the child and to ward off evil forces (From my sister's antique silver collection). 


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