Saturday, July 21, 2012

Allamanda - violacea and cathartica

I've planted the violacea and cathartica versions of Allamanda from cuttings. Both types root easily. The former has thicker petals than the latter. All parts of the plant when removed before its time will bleed a sticky and milky-white sap.
The A. violacea is a real climber with more sturdy, woody stems and is now about 10 feet high.
It grows vigorously and looks set to scale even greater heights. However its height is limited to the 12-foot bamboo stake used.
The bright canary yellow A. cathartica is
a real attention grabber.
This insect moved into the inner recesses of the bloom and has trouble making an exit. 
Masses of bright cheery trumpet-like flowers are produced year long. Growing in between are Nerium Oleander and Heliconium rostrata.
Flower buds are waiting impatiently to burst into blooms.
 The leaves of the A. violacea are of paler green and covered with fine hairs while those of A.cathartica (smaller piece, in front) are smooth with a sheen.

I can't determine whether these tiny pellets on this Allamanda cathartica leaf blade are eggs or seeds. 
A solitary A. violacea among a bunch of A. cathartica in a clam shell.


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