Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pink-necked Green Pigeons and Two Tall Trees

The Pink-necked Green Pigeon (Treron Vernans) is a fairly large bird that tends to perch high up in the tall trees in my compound. I have two very tall trees of about 40-60 feet high. 

This is one of the two trees that the Pink-necked Green Pigeons seek refuge from time to time.

A low hill is in the background, offering a perfect refuge for the birds at night, after their daytime forages to my garden.

 It is mostly green in colour, with yellowish-green down on the belly area and red feet. The primary wing feathers are black with greyish-green feathers covering them.

The males are colourful, with a pink neck and nape, 

and a vivid patch of orange just below the lower neck.

Much of its time is spent on preening itself.

And this tree seems to be the perfect place for its daily grooming

The tall tree with golden leaves is on the extreme left.

The other tree is a type of Casuarina which is nicely structured into a pyramidal shape. Birds of all denominations love to flock here at any one time. 
 Can you spot the dove?

 Its colourful hues make it easy to spot.

Calm and serene.

Beginning to get restless. 

The preening is a vital part of its grooming activities. 

So, its time for forty winks.

All alert after the power nap.

Poised to take flight at any moment.


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