Friday, June 7, 2013

Passiflora miniata -The Scarlet Passion flower

One year after planting a stem cutting of this Passiflora vine, it rewarded me with its first bloom. I was thrilled to bits.

The petals were reflexed, pointing backwards, indicating that it is ready for pollination.

There were many buds lined up on the same branch of the vine, taking turns to show off their glory.

The bracts have nice vein patterns.

The petals are reflexed, exposing the reproductive organ. The day after blooming, the petals are shrivelled up.

The flaming red part of the flower is made up of five sepals and five sepals.

The reproductive organ comprises five pollen pods and an ovary in the centre which branches into three red stigmata.

The outer ring of dark purple filaments makes it look like eye-lashes to die for. It encircles inner rows of white filaments.

Interestingly, the tendrils present in different forms.


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