Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ruellia Elegans and Sunbirds

The various flowering plants in the garden are a great source of delight as they bring in the birds. The easy to plant Ruellia elegans is one such plant. They bloom year round and the birds visit daily. Any time that I step out into the garden, there would be avian activities to amuse me.

I saw this cluster of red Ruellia elegans flowers bobbing up and down and sure enough a sunbird was busy nectaring.

It sipped with its fine curved beak, while at the same time looking up intermittently to watch out for signs of danger.

At the slightest sound, it flew off to secure perches, but returned soon after.

  The bud with fine silvery hairs.

The pretty bloom.

It dropped of after two to three days, but still attached to the plant through a fine filament of the reproductive system.
After the flower had completely detached.

 Ruellia elegans and Tecoma stans.

Thanks to Andrea of Kalantikan, Ruellia is spelt without the 's'. I've make the correction.


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