Saturday, September 25, 2010

Blessed with the Midas touch

This bougainvillea cultivar is truly blessed with the Midas' touch. The blooms start off as burnt orange and as the petals mature, it turns bright yellow before fading to pale yellow.
This sun worshipper climbs tall and blooms non-stop to our greatest delight. Most of the foliage is converted into golden bracts in some sort of perpetual celebration of the fertility of Mother Earth.

Roof top view, from the first floor.

It straddles the edge of this rainwater gutter. My only misgiving is that the blooms are rather ephemeral. The petals are shed as readily as it replenishes them. This messy trait means that there is quite a fair amount of sweeping up to do. In exasperation, I have often toyed with the idea of chopping it down but just as often, the sight of the dazzling blooms prevented me from doing so.


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