Saturday, March 24, 2012

Torenia fournieri - Wish For A Star

Torenia fournieri is commonly known as the 'Wishbone flower'. The two anthers arch over and meet in the centre at the top part of the flower, forming a wishbone. Perhaps we could avail ourselves to fulfilling our deepest desires from these floral wishbones. These lovely self-sowing plants grow anywhere where the seeds land, displaying blooms of three bi-colours with a yellow 'tongue and throat'.

Sky blue on dark blue
White on pink
Pink on purple
The blooms are carried on delicate flower stems and they nod merrily in the breeze.
A mass of the 'pink and white' variety growing wildly like weeds in my garden
These blue and pink ones self-propagate in this pot of yellow palm.
Somewhere in the garden this purple variety unexpectedly make a delightful appearance 
Tasha at 8 weeks (chihuaha-terrier) trying her luck ... probably wishing for a juicy bone. 


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