Friday, June 22, 2012

The Bougainvillea Flaunt

Bougainvillea plants are at its best during the hot, dry season though the occasional tropical showers bring some respite from the intense heat. This is the time to pamper them with nutrients, preferably organic fertilisers. Then just step  back and be tantalised by the big FLAUNT.
Burnt orange bracts never fail to impress.
Burnt orange with variegated leaves
White bracts with variegated leaves.

This bougy is a prolific bloomer with flowers flaunted the whole year round. This is one of the best specimen around and a must-have for any avid bougy lover.

Baby Pink bracts with variegated leaves seen at dawn...

and at dusk. A casuarina tree in the background sways gently in the evening breeze.
Pink bracts with variegated leaves.
This starts off as pure white bracts with the pink blushes appearing later.
Bougainvilla 'Mrs Eva' is a great bloomer. It has never disappointed.

A trailing branch of bougy blooms, cascading in front of a mickey mouse bush.

Bougainvilla 'Mrs Eva' planted as a standard, almost sans foliage.

Bougainvilla 'Elizabeth Angus' 

Colour became less intense with time 

An ant wandered forlornly around ...

on these faded blooms with shrivelled stamens.

This bougy with magenta blooms adds colour to the garden.

Bougainvillea spectabilis has pristine white flowers.
Bougainvillea spectabilis (white) and B. Mrs Eva (mauve) planted as standards. In the background is a mature Callistemon (Australian Bottlebrush tree).


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