Sunday, August 19, 2012

Pseuderanthemum reticulatum - the insect attractant

The flowers of Pseuderanthemum reticulatum are borne on upright spikes. The 4-petaled white flower has a magenta throat, spreading outwards into speckles and dots.
A lovely spike of delicate flowers interspersed with buds which are ready to pop over the next few days.

Pseuderanthemum reticulatum is a fuss-free plant. Young leaves are yellowish green, becoming darker green with yellow veins or reticulations as they age.

It can be grown as a border plant to provide an effective and attractive screen.

A flower fly landed on this petal to contemplate the goodies within.

An ant joined in the exploration of this flower.

A golden drop of nectar becomes a sweet source of sustennance for the day.

This pearl of a drop can be indulged in a different setting just by hopping on to the next petal.

Traces of left-over nectar lead to frenzied feeding from a bunch of ants. They scrambled over each other in pursuit of the sweetness.

A female Jacintha Eggfly (Hypolimnas bolina jacintha) fluttered by and perched on the flower spike.
She immediately started on plumbing the deep recesses for the coveted delicious liquid.

This spider made a sudden appearance on a young flower spike.

It smelt the presence of grub and is bidding time to switch on to predator mode.

A soldier beetle is waiting on the underside of a leaf, also bidding its time.

With the breaking of dawn, this common garden snail is casting around for a safe place to retire from the onslaught of the harsh sun.

It did a long stretch upwards to reach the leaf above.

And then its a heave-up to position the whole foot on the leaf.

In this upside-down position on the underside of a leaf, it rested for the entire day.

While removing these unsightly 'holey' leaves, I came across this snail stuck onto the underside of a leaf.

A floral spike from the garden is used to brighthen up my kitchen window sill. This small vase has been with the family for more than five decades.


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