Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Crouching Spider Unsuspecting Ant

Crouching Spider Unsuspecting Ant
Costus Woodsonii (Dwarf French Kiss)
This predator, a small species of spider with interesting markings got the whole congregation of ants running helter skelter. I would thought that the whole pack with their sharp mouth-pieces could easily make mince meat out of this arachnid.
Sending the smoke signals to flee

Running helter skelter in a mad scramble to safety
Keeping the family together

This arachnid was later found under a palm frond indulging on his latest largesse - a fly. This eight-legged fella took some time to finish his meal. He ran all over the the frond with his precious meal when I try to photo-shoot him in his murderous act.

He devoured his unfortunate victim with much relish

When the first group of ants have their fill of nectar (around 1 week), another tribe of ants; darker, more stout and with shorter legs took over.

This group of black ants are not complaining of getting left-over food.

These ants appear more communal and keep close to each other, sort of in the same latitude


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