Friday, November 2, 2012

Blogger Award

My thanks to Rosemary at Tales from my Garden for this nomination. To take a leaf from her webpage, its *BLUSH* all the way. 

Like Rosemary, I'm also new to awards. I was nominated earlier on for another gardening award but was clueless about what to do, so I let it pass. But in keeping with spirit of blogging, this time I thought I'll make an effort to accept. The task: I have to mention 7 things about myself and also nominate 15 other bloggers.
My List:

1. Flora and fauna fascinates me

Dawn dropwing dragonfly perched on bamboo stake.
Carpenter bee hovering over Thunbergia grandiflora.


2. We love our mutt to bits.

My neices, Charmaine and Charlene trying to put on a striped T-shirt on Tasha when she was a pup.
Tasha donning her 'Superdog top'

Tasha is terribly fond of rope-play and constantly on the look-out for playmates. While she runs after the rope, her sparkling blue bell tinkles along.

  3. Books can make me lose my precious sleep

I've watched all episodes in the First Season of 'The Game of Thrones'. As the DVDs for the Second Season were still not available at HMV, I decided to go for the book.


I've shelves of books which were obtained for a steal at 'The Big Bad Wolf' booksale. Foliage here is Philodendron Imbe.


4. I wield the needle to de-stress

These two pieces were my first attempt at embroidery. They were done more than two decades ago only during lunch time.

This cross-stitched piece was also a lunch time project.

5. At least once a year, I go footloose and fancy-free

Ta Prohm Temple at Angkor, Siem Reap 
 A stranglehold embrace by the deep roots of the ficus trees.

Newgrange Megalithic Passage Tomb, Ireland 
At dawn on the Winter Solstice, a shaft of sunlight penetrates the passage to light up the chamber for 17 minutes.



6. I love Music of all genres 

The ipod is a nifty gadget for thousands of songs


7. I tend to be adventurous when it comes to cooking. 

Recipe books are constantly trawled through for interesting recipes. New dishes are tried out with modification and customisation. Family members are the beneficiaries or guinea-pigs as they would like to be called.


There are many other bloggers who are deserving and which  I wish to nominate but they have already been spoken for, attesting to the popularity of their blogs. You know who you are out there.

List of nominated bloggers in no particular order;

1.  James Missier -

2. Autumn Belle -

3. Stephanie -

4. Breathtaking  -

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6. Ngeun Sysengthong  -

7. Stardust -

8. Giga -

9. Bernie H -

10. Jill -

11. Daylily Soup -

12. Birds bees berries blooms  -

13. Zapach Piwoni -

14. Ummuaidan -

15.  Pieces of contentment -



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