Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Encapsulating the Feel of Autumn

This post features some random shots taken in Cork (Corcaigh), city centre to encapsulate the feel of autumn - the energy, vibrance, nostalgia and smells.

A warm welcome to autumn from 'Best of Buds' *

Living wall ornament in rich ocher-red hues clinging on apartment exterior.
Gold flaunt from outside the apartment window.

Thick moss and curling leaf on balcony.

Holly leaves and red foliage in lieu of red berries
at entrance to apartment

Lilac-pink flowers of Buddleia aka Butterfly bush planted in the grounds of the apartment. I learned of its ID from a post by Rosemary Danielis

At the foyer of the appartment was this little charming box for snail-mails, increasingly an anachronism of this tech-savvy times.

Beds of impatiens provided much eye candy. Most of the pictures were taken from the car as we drove past.

Along the trail to city centre:

Unabashed wallflowers and vine

Titanic nostalgia

Majestic spires of a church pierced the skies.

Wavering shadows

Emerald, gold and garnet

 Green foliage and flowers provide splashes of colour.

Fallen leaves remind me of the song 'Autumn leaves' sung by Nat King Cole. I used to tinkle its tune (badly) during my salad days on the ivory keys.

The falling leaves drift by the window
The autumn leaves of red and gold ...

- composed by Joseph Kosma, lyrics from Jacques Prévert 

 Heralding autumn


Adding to Autumn's chill

Accents of autumn

An enigmatic smile, perhaps to warm autumn's chill.

What is left of the harvest for an autumn welcome

Feeding the seagulls

Pretty maids all in a row

A pair of seagulls merrily swirled around

Fallen leaves bobbing along the chilled waters of River Lee.

"Winter is coming" - deaf, blind and dumb to brace for winter
(taking a leaf from Game of Thrones).

These were hearty meals to appease healthy apetites stimulated from the invigorating walk and autumn chill.

 With full stomachs it was back to the warmth of hearth and home. The candle light quivered over the sofa making it look deliciously inviting.

Very soon it was post-prandial snooze time or perhaps more correctly described as been induced into a state of food coma.  Btw this is not me.

Note: * The yellow bench and witch decorations graced the exterior of a florist shop, 'Best of Buds'. This includes the first photo.


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