Saturday, February 16, 2013

Seeing Red in Kuala Lumpur - Chinese New Year 2013

Officially Chinese New Year celebrations last for two days in Malaysia; on the 10 and 11 and stretching to 12 February as the first day overlap a Sunday. However most Chinese, particularly those who are self-employed take the opportunity to celebrate the full 15 days. As usual, soothsayers, fortune tellers and Feng Shui masters are kept busy with forecasts and horoscopes for individuals and corporations with the arrival of each new lunar year. Meanwhile shopping malls in the city are all decked out in red and gold to usher in a prosperous 2013, with hopes that robust retail will keep their cash registers ringing throughout the year.

A Chinese junk sails in and berthed at Sunway Pyramid, bring with it an abundance of goods.

Suspended Lanterns over the ice-skating rink at Sunway Pyramid.

The humongous lantern at Kuala Lumpur Suria (KLCC)

Flying cranes and oriental-style clouds at Berjaya Times Square

Dancing lions strutting their stuff at Berjaya Times Square.

The pair of dancing lions prancing vigorously to thunderous drumbeats.
The prize for the dancing lions - a red packet with cash.


Flaming Red Oriental Lanterns at Gardens.

Floral compostion of Magnolias, Chrysantehmums, Camelias and Plum Bolssoms on sheer red silk screen at the Gardens

 At entrance to Atrium of Centre Court of Mid-Valley, huge containers of Chrysanthemums were sited.

 Red lanterns and plum blossoms borne on tall trees are seen at the central court atrium of Mid Valley.

Fake mustard-yellow flowers and scarlet Heliconiums juxtapose prettily with real flowers.

Masses of pussy willows with their silvery silky buds reminds us of Spring.

Depictions of courtyard scenes in houses in ancient China.

 The atrium was also decked out with both fresh and fake flowers, creating a riot of colours.


Window dressing of multi-hued spring blossoms at a retail outlet in Pavilion.

Pavilion went fishy this year with jumping carps for abundance and vitality.

Carp lanterns swimming airily among the traditional round lanterns.

A curtain of lanterns present a facade of prosperity, positive vibes and good fortune.

Happy New Year to all those who celebrate the Spring Festival. Today, 17 February, is the 8th day. The celebrations will culminate with 'Chap Goh Mei', the 15th day of the Lunar New Year which falls on 24 February.



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