Monday, November 11, 2013

Jasminum multiflorum - Star Jasmine

Jasminum multiflorum or Downey Jasmine is a type of evergreen, branching vine that can be shaped as a shrub. The fast-growing plant can grow as high as 10 feet and does well in full sun to partial shade. 

 The white, clustered flowers which appear year-round are white.

 Unlike other jasmines, the fragrance is more subtle.

If allowed to sprawl, the vine will cascade down walls or over fences.

The grayish-green stems and leaves of this plant appear to be covered with fine hairs or down.

Young flower buds, still enveloped protectively.

Emerging buds

Some of the flowers have bloomed and dropped off, leaving behind the calyxes.

This stink bug had a field day sucking the juices from tender leaf buds. When disturbed, it emits a very foul odour. It can stay at the same spot for hours, blissfully infusing itself with the sap.

The dried and shrivelled leaves left from the nefarious activities of the stink bug is given a once over by this wasp or bee.

It later held on to the edge of the leaf and peered over.


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