Friday, November 29, 2013

Licuala Grandis - Ruffled Fan Palm

Licuala Grandis, is commonly known as the Ruffled Fan Palm. It can be grown indoors in containers or outdoors, preferably under partial shade. Its large circular leaves are regularly pleated and shiny. 

Thorns are found on the basal end of the leaf stalks.


Long heavy bunches of fruits are produced continuously.
With it's magnificient fan-like fronds, the Licuala grandis is a truly out-of-the ordinary palm.

Two branches of unripe green berries are straddled with fallen pine needles from the pine tree towering above.
 Though these  Licuala Grandis are beneath a huge Norfolk Island Pine, they thrive very well as they get filtered sunlight from the side.

The leaf fan out into a jagged edge.

A common garden snail unceremoniously extruded its bodily rejects on to a bougainvillea stem.

A prey in the throes of death as this tiny spider viciously dismembered it.

On another frond, an unidentified critter was basking in the sun, blissfully unawared of the carnage nearby

An empty triple nest of the potter wasp was attached on the under side of the leaf.

Although this Ruffled Fan Palm was planted from a small seedling in this small container, it grew into a lush specimen.

Many years ago, I started with just this solitary plant, but over the years, ...

 it had spawned many other plants from the fallen fruits.


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