Friday, November 15, 2013

Malvaviscus arboreus - Turk's Cap Hibiscus

Malvaviscus arboreus is known as Turk's Cap or Lipstick Hibiscus. The bright red flowers are showy and about 1 inch or more long. Its flowers do not open fully or flare back like the Hibiscus, hence the alternative moniker, 'Sleeping Hibiscus'.

 The petals are overlapping and swirl around a protruding column of pistil and stamens.

New buds can be seen in clusters behind every flower.

A new bud without the cheeky 'tongue'.

The bright red flowers last for several days.

Its prolific blooming habit helps attract birds, butterflies and other critters.
To be surrounded by so many nectar fountains ... definitely spoilt for choice.

A female sunbird sipped delicately from the base of the flower.

A drop of nectar can be seen at the tip of its curved beak.

With sated appetite, it took a breather and the view too.

Sparrows are frequent visitors too.

Even when there no nectar is available, they love to perch on the branches.

The other half of this pair have trouble keeping up ...

and appeared to be shrieked at by its impatient sparrow partner


Later the pair had some quality time together, though it didn't seem to be too cosy, after all the shrieking.



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