Monday, January 20, 2014

I Spotted A 'Spotted Dove'

Spotted doves (Spilopelia chinensis) are known as Tekukur in Malay. They are easy to recognise from the 'white spots on black' patch found on their nape. Their colours are shades of pink-browns with dashes of black on the wings and tails. The lower belly and underside of the tail is light cream in colour. Its presence in the garden is often accompanied by a pleasant crooning.

I spotted this one sitting sedately on ... 
a branch of the casuarina tree.

Soon the serene look was broken as it started to preen. It pecked the upper thorax region ...
before it turned to do its back.

Next, it did the left 'armpit' under the wing.

In between, there's time for a pause and some reflection. 

Then its time to move away to another spot for some diversion.
After settling on its new niche on this section of the branch, it then cast a bird's eye view on the activities far below this tall tree.

It now focused on the right 'armpit' that was missed out in the earlier preening session.

To indicate the end of preening, a flapping of the wings was executed with flourish.

It then did an about-turn and begin to ...

stride up the branch, back to its original niche.

This is the tall casuarina tree with its multitude branches that are ideal for the birds to perch on - for rest, respite from the heat and safe from predators.

Bougainvillea 'golden glow'

My 'pluck and plonk' floral arrangement - Bougainvillea 'golden glow' with bougies of other hues.


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