Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Plumbago auriculata

Plumbago is a scrambling shrub with clusters of sky-blue flowers while the leaves are light yellowish green.  It blooms all year long. The name Plumbago is derived from Latin plumbum (lead), perhaps from the colour of the flowers.

The sky blue flowers are long tubes spreading into 5 petals.

The flower calyx secrete a sticky substance on to its fine hairs that is used for of trapping insects.

 The flowers are borne in terminal clusters. 

Plumbago can be pruned into a compact shrub or trained to grow like a vine and sprawl over supports with its long gracefully arching branches.

The gathering of ants over an interesting 'drinking' spot. I wonder what is the cause of this phenomena on this particular flower. Some ants were seen to crawl away with engorged abdomens.

Tasha receiving solar energy next to a pot of Plumbago auriculata. 

A simple arrangement of yellow Allamandas and Plumbago auriculata. 


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