Friday, January 31, 2014

Yu Sheng - The Big Prosperity Salad Toss

I eschew store-bought Yu Sheng packages as the gaudy colours of the artificial colourings put me off. Some of the pickles were dyed scarlet, a suspiciously deep green and bright yellow.  This dish is traditionally served on Man's Day (creation of Man), which the seventh day of the New Lunar Year. However, this dish is so popular, that it is served throughout the fifteen days of celebration. 

This year CNY falls on 31 January 2014 which is also the year of the horse.

This is one of several sessions of Yu Sheng toss done in the house. Fruits and vegetables used comprise carrots, radish, jicama (Mexican turnips sengkuang), young papaya, pomelo and dragon fruits. Pickles are ginger, radish and leek. Sliced chillies and kaffir lime leaves provide the added oomph while toasted sesame seeds, peanuts and Indian murukku gave added flavour and crunch. The piece de resistance 'Yu Sheng' which gives the eponymous name to the dish are the sliced salmon. This is usually placed in the centre of the dish.

Dragon fruits and radish (daikon) were some of the components.

The home made plum and sesame sauce was drizzled all over. This sweet and tart sauce added much zest.

This is the big platter of yu sheng or yee sang in Cantonese is ready to be tossed by family members. As I was the photographer, my domestic helper took my place.

While mixing, stirring and tossing it up with chopsticks, auspicious wishes were spewed out fast and furious by everyone.

With minor variations...

This a more colourful version of the dish with lettuce and purple cabbage for for added colours. Crispy Chinese crotons (yutiao) are sprinkled over for added crunch, texture and flavour.
Tangy plum sauce was drizzled liberally over.

Vigorous stirring and tossing.



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