Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A Cute Baby Bulbul on Tecoma Stans

Tecoma stans never disappoints, producing lovely canary yellow blooms throughout the year, rain or shine.

Its a low maintenance plant, needing a slight pruning once in a while to keep it trim and neat.

This bush of Tecoma stans has played host to many bird nests, so its no wonder that fledglings are commonly seen on it.

I spied this solitary baby bird perched forlornly on a branch of Tecoma stans.

The Bird's nest fern below the branch seems the perfect foil for chilling out.

It perked up after a while and appeared ready to face  the world.

The striae leads the flower fly into its inner sanctum.
Having fully indulged, it crawled on the soft velvety petals to exit.


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