Friday, December 28, 2012

A Gift of Hand-Crocheted Snowflakes

These three hand-crocheted Snowflakes came all the way from Australia by air. They were give-aways from from Geoff and Gill of Africanaussie They arrived on 27 December, past Christmas but still in time for the festive season stretching to the New Year.

These lovely snowflakes were well made and came in three colours; pristine white, old rose and orange. A greeting card of the Nativity scene also popped out of the envelope. I was thrilled to bits.

I first hanged them on my dried pussy willows but felt that they were overwhelmed by the other ornaments.

I then had them suspended on the ends of the stringed crystal balls chandelier over the dry kitchen island. The hot-air and microwave oven are in the background.

This is the view from the other side, the dining area.

Thanks, Geoff and Gill. You make this festive season extra special for me!



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