Thursday, December 6, 2012

Solandra grandiflora - Golden Chalice

After patiently waiting for about two years from the time the cuttings took root, my Solandra grandiflora bushes have rewarded me with these amazing blooms. Before this, I've threathened to chop them down many times as I just don't understand why they refused to bloom in my new garden. The mother plant has never stopped blooming. Anyway all is forgiven now and I'm absolutely thrilled with these maiden blooms. 

The flowers of Golden Chalice are dramatic in size and appearance. It measures about eight inches in length and four inches wide.

Chocolate markings run down the whole length of the funnel.

A pair of drenched Golden Chalice just after a shower.

It has a large and deep funnel which houses five anthers at the ends of curved stamens and a green-headed stigma. 

The stigma protrudes out of the flower away from its own anthers and pollens. 

The flower starts of in a pale cream colour which increases in intensity ...

over the next three days into a deep yellow colour.

The mouth of this bud popped open the day after.

The rim is frilled.

Three days later, the rim of the chalice starts to droop.

 A tree frog has taken refuge on one of the stems.

The second digit of the webbed feet seems to be more pronounced.

An icky, yucky critter grazing on the underside of a Golden Chalice leaf.
The aftermath is akin to the crop circles seen on fields in certain parts of the world.

A single stalk of Solandra grandiflora makes a dramatic statement.

A plate of Cuttle-fish and Water Convolulus salad (Sotong-kangkong) in sweet, hot chilli sauce and topped with roasted sesame seeds and crushed peanuts.


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