Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sunbirds and Hibiscus

Wherever there are Hibiscus flowers, Sunbirds make a ubiquitous presence. For this very reason, I have lots of Hibiscus shrubs planted.

Realising that the flower was out of reach, ...

it inched its way up the stem.

When it estimated that it was near enough, it inserted its long curve beak into the base of the flower and drank long and deep of its sweet nectar.

Other critters like these small brown bugs find food sources from other parts of the flower.

This Sunbird straddled a flower stalk to get at the coveted sweet drink.

Another Sunbird did an upside down act for the very same purpose.

A contented male Sunbird chirping on top of a seasoned pole, streaked with patches of green and white fungal growth.
The electric-blue feathers on its throat shimmer in the sun, appearing blue to purple depending on the angle of the sunrays.


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