Thursday, May 1, 2014

Trekking Through Allamandas To Food Haven

I love Allamandas as they are quite resistant to bug infestation. I suppose the white, milky sap has got something to do with the critters and insects' revulsion to it. I'm thankful for this as it allows my Allamandas to bloom and flourish.

Clusters of bright yellow Allamanda cathartica flowers.

The budding flowers.

I was appreciating how these blooms added to the gaiety of my garden when ...

I saw a snail crawled over the tubular part of this bloom without even bothering to sample it. Perhaps it had an inherent sense of which flower is tasty and can be devoured.

The journey which I dubbed as 'the yellow trail' was torturous as it slowly navigated across the flower to reach the nearest leaf.

The nest stage was a purposeful leaf-to-leaf hike as it stretched its foot muscles ...

... towards its coveted sustenance beyond.

It greedily chomped its way across the leaf of  Pseuderanthemum reticulatum.

 My flower bed of Pseuderanthemum reticulatum is often is often laid bare to the gastronomic assault of gastropods.


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