Sunday, January 10, 2016

Bulbul Fledlging and Red Hibiscus Rosa sinensis

Cute little Bulbul fledglings were seen learning to fly and fend for themselves. They could barely fly, let alone forage for food.

This 'toddler' sat on top of a ledge of the concrete fencing. It appeared rather lost and forlorn.

Suddenly, it stood up and chirped loudly.

The source of its excitement was the arrival of mummy bird with a morsel of food in her mouth. It looked like a green berry harvested from my shrubs.

A soon as the feeding was done, mummy flew off, leaving the young one to its own device.

Here it perched and rested under the dappled sunlight, framed with foliage and a single red hibicus.

Not long later, the preening started ... 

and continued ...

to other parts of the body. A good pecking was done all over.

Strangely, it then began to peck at its feathers, laying bare a patch of pink skin.

Plucked down feathers were carelessly casted off.

My concern was about the bare patch on the left side 

When the preening was done, it laid down on its side to soak in the glorious morning sun.

It was then ready to face the day. Attempts at flying take top priority. 

Hibiscus rosa sinensis


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