Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Clear Wing Moth, Allamandas and Alpinia Pupurata

The Clear Wing Tiger Moth (Ceryx sphenodes) is a small moth of about two cm wing span.It is a wasp mimic.  Normally I do not take much notice of them as they are  too small to make an impact. I pointed my lenses on this mini beauty when there were no other butterflies or moth around for me to snap away. It was only after I reviewed them in my monitor, that I was able to fully appreciate its beauty.


This petite was resting on an Allamanda cathartica leaf.

Yellow and Purple Allamandas.

The moth then flew off and perched on the underside of a Alpinia pupurata (ginger torch) leaf.

Alpinia Pupurata

Pruning of the shrubs provide flowers and colours for the kitchen island.


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